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Department of hem dialysis at the Health Center exists since 1997 It disposes with 8 (eight) dialysis places, arranged in three halls. Department is equipped with 8 (eight) newer and the latest generation equipment for dialysis and good plant for water treatment (reverse osmosis). Central heating, all rooms are air-conditioned, Cable TV, internet.

Services are provided to patients on chronic hem dialysis program in the area of the municipality of Herceg Novi, as well as tourists.

The main feature of the department is respect for high standards of modern dialysis through the application of effective dialysis modality (on-line HDF, high efficiency HD), and strict adherence to the principles of antisepsis. Care of patients is run by well and continually trained team, in cooperation with other departments of the Health Center and Clinical Center of Montenegro as a reference institution.

Phone: +382(0)69307093
E-mail: dijalizahn@gmail.com