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Direktor: dr Goran Komar
Assistant Director: dr Biljana Dapčeviċ
Head nurse: Slavka Gojšin

Herceg Novi Health Center is a public primary health care in the municipality of Herceg Novi. Reform of the health system has set new principles of organization of primary health care, which is achieved through selected doctors. Citizens elect selected doctor.

Health Center provides support to the team of selected doctors as a referral center of primary health care. PHI Health Center Herceg Novi achieves PZZ in four primary health care facilities in the municipality of Herceg Novi, as follows:
– The central building of the Health Center, surface 4.500m2
– Clinic Igalo, surface 120m2
– Clinic Topla, surface 195m2 and
– Health station Bijela, surface 760m2

The space of all buildings equipped with appropriate medical and other equipment (in accordance with applicable standards), which provides the possibility of providing quality and appropriate health care. The Health Center employs 122 workers.

The municipality of Herceg Novi has 26 000 insured health insurance fund, and more than 40,000 inhabitants. The number and structure of insured persons causes number and organizational structure of staff at the Health Center. Therefore, its activity Health Centre Herceg Novi achieved through the following services:

I. Elected doctors
1. elected doctor for adults
2. selected doctor children
3. selected doctor for women
4. Elected dentist

II. II. Support Center
1. Center for Lung Disease
2. Center for Diagnostic
3. Center for Mental Health
4. CCenter for Children with Special Needs
5. Centre for Disease Prevention

IV. Units for support
1. Patronage unit
2. Unit for Physical Therapy
3. Sanitary transportation

V. Other activities
1. Occupational Medicine

VI. Hemodialysis

In Health Center there are following specialist services :
– ophthalmic
– internist
– surgical

Several times a week there is a possibility of the use of specialist services :
– physiatrist
– orthopedist
– urologists

Throughout the year, especially during the summer period there is a large influx of tourists, business people, students and others, so that almost doubles the number of people. Our institution has the capacity to respond to the increasing demands for health care. Patients who are not insured by health insurance fund of Montenegro, health care is provided in accordance with applicable international agreements.

Providing health care to citizens on a daily basis we cooperate with the institutions of the second-level (general and specialist hospitals), the Institute for Public Health and Clinical-Hospital Center of Montenegro.

Health Centre has an information system which provides an overview of the complete medical records of each registered patient in one place. Electronic medical record has become a basic medical document.