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Parenting School

The aim of the program:
With workshops for pregnant women, we want in a creative, interesting and relaxing way to enrich and facilitate the days of pregnancy and childbirth.

Clients of the parenting school are pregnant women, regardless of their age and previous pregnancy.

Through the school should be achieved
1. more relaxed approach to pregnancy
2. approach to childbirth without fear
3. approach to childbirth without pain
4. prepared to welcomed a new family member
5. care of newborn without fear

The school can be reached voluntarily, on the proposal of the selected doctor or independently

Pregnant women prepare for childbirth, working in small groups from the seventh month pregnancy, once a week in the seventh and eighth month, while in the ninth month of the pregnancy is performed twice a week.

Preparation for childbirth imply:
* physical exercise
* lectures
* breathing exercises

Phone: 069/374-685